Sep 082016

After receiving at least 24″ rain last week, we are beginning to dry out here in Carlouel.  All our streets were flooded and the police were stationed at the front gate to discourage any unnecessary traffic in our neighborhood.  Our back gate was opened to help those on the south end navigate the high water more easily.

We have learned a few things as a result of the high waters.  First, the drainage work that the city is doing primarily on Bruce Ave. is really needed.  We have encourage them to continue to re-do grates and clean out drainage areas, especially along Bay Esplanade.  Second, when your pool is full, or really any time you need to drain your pool, be sure to direct that flow of water to the streets.  They are design to cope with the flow. If you drain to the yard, yours or your neighbor’s, the water is very unpredictable and could end up flooding homes.  Third, trash cans float, so please keep an eye on yours and bring it home.  Fourth, the dunes are our protection from the gulf.  Anywhere the dunes have been breached, the water flows in and floods.  Please consider this when making pathways to the beach.

We are thankful that there were no really high winds to topple trees whose roots were soaked.  We are thankful for neighbors who helped others, especially those who are not here.  We are reminded that high waters are going to come again, so we must think ahead and be prepared. We are going to try to get a sand bag station here on the beach.  It is illegal to take sand from the beach, but hard not to when it is so close and stations with sand are miles away.  We will continue to work with the city to resolve drainage issues where possible.


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