Jun 222015

When the summer comes life slows down here in Carlouel.  Time to take care of a few things.  Mary Ellen Gleason, our ever alert neighborhood watch chair, noticed that there were quite a few street lights out. A call to Duke Energy worked, and all eight broken lights were repaired.  Unfortunately the light over a lovely planter on Narcissus was one of those out and the planter was stolen.  A few others have gone missing around the neighborhood, so please keep your eyes open.

Another area of concern is plant waste dumped along our perimeter.  The worst place for loose yard waste is the end of Lantana, where weeds sprout and grow and are infested with varmints…the city will pick up there but the waste must be bagged.  We can’t ask our grounds keepers to be responsible for that kind of mess.

The Gulf is perfect this time of year, wonderful at the end of a long day.  The turtles are nesting, birds roosting, fish jumping.  A beautiful place to live.



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