Feb 222016

TripAdvisor just unveiled the United States’ best beaches and guess what, Clearwater Beach was #1.  Our beach was also the only beach in the United States to make the top 25 beaches in the world, coming in at #20.  There is good news and bad news in this fame.  The bad being that everyone else in the world now knows what we know, that we have clear, clean water, sugary sands and friendly folks.  The good news is that we are already here and have been enjoying it for some time!

Our security cameras continue to be a positive addition, helping answer questions about comings and goings several times this year.  No major problems, only small incidents of unknowns walking the neighborhood and a missing bike.  The Clearwater Police have access to these recordings so they help keep our neighborhood safe. There have been only minor incidents this year, with one exception.  Late this fall a very large power boat was stolen from a raised dock on Bay Esplanade.  Additional boats were stolen from Island Estates, all part of an apparent drug operation.  The police have an on-going investigation and report that this seems to be a one-time operation.  The lift was hot wired and the boat towed to deeper waters.  The owners were not occupying the residence at the time of the theft.

Our website for Carlouel Homeowners www.mycarlouel.com is continually updated, providing neighborhood announcements, current issues and access to our Carlouel Homeowners Directory.  This gives you the opportunity to stay in touch with your neighborhood when you travel or leave for your summer residence.  You may also send information or ask a question through the website.  Check it out now to hear details about our upcoming Spring Fling at the beach access, April 17th – 5:30 – 8:00, with music by Gypsy Wind www.gypsywindband.com  New directories will be distributed at this gathering and beach access keys will be available to all who pay their dues.

Maintenance at the beach access, pruning shrubs and trees in our perimeter, updating flowers and shrubs at our entrance, and trying to keep all that dollar weed out of the grass at the beach access has been the major focus this year.  The perimeter plantings had to be re-enforced this fall at the end of Bay Esplanade.  Vehicles were cutting through, so a new oleander was planted and a new turn sign was installed to fill in the hole.

As we approach hurricane season, please refer to the article on our website describing a program announced by the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department.  You have the opportunity to apply for a permit that will give homeowners and businesses re-entry during emergency evacuations.  Also be aware that the City ordinance regarding monthly rentals is strictly enforced.  The City has hired a full time employee to monitor cars parked in driveways, trash removal, and any other signs that monthly rental restrictions are not being observed.  Also,  police and fire support vehicles need to be able to access our streets.  Please be thoughtful when parking cars along the streets, and remind guests to do the same.

Your community needs your support, so please join us in renewing your membership or becoming a new member.  Thank you in advance for your share in keeping our community beautiful and safe.

2016 Carlouel Homeowners Association  $150.00

1031 Bay Esplanade, Clearwater Beach, FL 33767

Sue Williams, Secretary


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