Sep 072017

As of this moment, 3:30 on Thursday, September 7th, I know the following that applies to our community…

*we are on a mandatory evacuation as of 6am Friday 9/8

*you should have your emergency homeowners pass – if not go to Clearwater Police Dept. and get one now!

*you may go back and forth between your home and your shelter UNTIL THE BRIDGES ARE CLOSED.

*please secure anything that could be blown away – like your trash cans, flower pots, lawn chairs, outdoor sculptures.

*lock your home, garage, shed.

*we recommend finding someplace off island for your vehicles – maybe a city garage, friend’s home.

*call the police at 911 for any seen looting or medical emergency

*call non-emergency questions to Clearwater police -562-4242

*call county emergency management for evacuation and bridge closure questions -464-4333

Will up date this as I learn more.


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