May 202016

On Tuesday, May 17, 2016 a boat was taken off the dock at 70 Carlouel.  A second boat at the same location was not taken.  The police are looking for anyone who might have seen unusual activity on Tuesday.  Please call the non-emergency police number, 562-4242, if you have any information.  UPDATE:  Boat recovered by sheriff’s dept. in Indian Rocks and returned to owner.

This is a good reminder that boat owners should not leave the key to the boat in the boat.  You might also check moorings and lifts and make them secure.  This is very unusual for Carlouel and we all hope that it is a temporary group of thieves that will soon be found.

Speaking of being found – the boat stolen from 941 Bay Esplanade last fall was recovered in Mexico.  Great work by our many police forces.  The police continue to support our community in so many ways.

Have a good summer, but do stay alert and report anything unusual to our local police.

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