Sue Williams

Oct 152021

For residents only, this discount is available by going to and creating an account. You will not only get 50% off parking through the but transaction fee of $.35 will also be waived.

Sep 052020
Scaevola plumieri (Coastal Inkberry)
Carissa macrocarpa (Natal Plum)
Heterotheca subaxillarie (Camphor Weed)
Sep 042020

Here are just a few of the plants you see when you come to the beach via the Homeowner’s Access.

Conocarpae erectus/sericeus (Silver Buttonwood)
Variegated Arboricola (Schefflera)

Walk to the Beach through the Bushy Bluestems
Codiacium variegatum (Crotons)

Ruellia (Mexican Petunias)
Ipomoea pes-caprae (Beach Morning Glory)
Unicola paniculata (Sea Oats)
Andropogon glomeratus (Bushy Bluestem)
Helianthus debilis (Beach Sunflower)
Sep 032020

I thought we would never get passed the Spring and Summer but here we are. We have never been more grateful for our Beach Access than we were this year when the beaches were shut for Clearwater.

We have Cheryl Copeland to thank for the idea of adding two benches on the beach. With the help of Bill Taylor and Ed and Phyliss Girrbach they were secured in the sand and are lovely to have.

It is still hurricane season, so be sure to secure outdoor furniture, trim heavy tree branches and get your home owners pass just in case one wanders this way.

Look for news of a homeowners gathering closer to November when more residents are here. It is always fun to get together and meet new neighbors.

May 032020

Just want to let you know that a resident saw a diamondback rattle snake off the beach path this week. A good time to remind everyone that snakes of all sorts live in our dunes.

A warning sign has been placed along the walk to remind us that they are there. If you see one, just stay calm and stay away from it. They will not bother you if you do not bother them.

Mar 192020

Just a reminder to stay safe out on our beaches by maintaining distance from others. It is a beautiful time for going to the beach, so enjoy Carlouel! Beach Access is now by code. All members who pay their dues have been given the code. If you have the directory, it is the first listing. Contact Sue Williams with questions…I am home!

Mar 192020

Board members Donna Crook and Cheryl Copeland revved up an old tradition in Carlouel. They assembled baskets for new home owners this winter and delivered them with “Welcome to Carlouel” personalized. Local vendors on the beach gave coupons and Donna and Cheryl found gift items with a beach theme. Thanks for your work!

Dec 172019

Beach Access Upgrades

The fence has been painted (electrostatic) so it should be good for a couple years.

The gate is getting a new look. The lock is no longer a key…starting 12/18/19 you will need an access code to go in and come out the gate. I will send an email blast to give you the number, or you can call me at 727-446-4471 to obtain the number. I will also see if I can imbed it on the Directory page…which is a secure portal just for members.

There was considerable trimming and clean-up in the access area and 3 new shrubs have been planted to complete the silver buttonwood hedge along the front of the fence.